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Tablet type brown sugar brand


​Unprecedented! new brown sugar

Isn't the image of brown sugar you often see like this?
Our brown sugar has a flat surface.
This is salted brown sugar in tablet form.
Providing everyone with brown sugar that looks and feels like never before.
​You can experience it for yourself.

Tablet large bag_edited.png

TOPIX (latest information) from SNS

Including new product information
Event participation information and
Information on sales locations, etc.
In addition to YOSHIMIYA information

I will tell you about the current situation in Okinawa.
To everyone even a little
To let people know about the charm of Okinawa
A message containing such wishes
​This is done from Facebook.

smart and cool
Tablet-shaped brown sugar
Active in various scenes
​It is loved by everyone.

on her laptop

​For those working in the office or remotely

sunset yoga

People who are highly health conscious and participate in sports etc.


As a source of salt and sugar while traveling

Competitors for gaming events
During study

For those who use PCs for e-sports etc.

For those who want to spin their brains through studying

Refresh the image of brown sugar!

More familiar food
I want you to know!

It was founded with this thought in mind.

Okinawa brown sugar brand


​About Okinawa brown sugar

Differences between producing brown sugar and processed brown sugar

Brown sugar (brown sugar) was harvested from December to April.
Sugarcane juice is boiled down, concentrated and cooled.
We harden it and manufacture it in bulk for one year.

Processed brown sugar
Separate sugarcane juice into raw sugar and molasses.
Because we manufacture each time
Can maintain stable flavor and quality
Contains well-balanced minerals

Processed brown sugar made from Okinawan sugarcane
Including sucrose as an energy source
potassium, calcium, iron etc.

It is rich in minerals and vitamins.


Shuko Yoshikawa

​Company name

Yoshimiya Co., Ltd.





​​[Head Office]

1-22-10 Nakanishi, Urasoe 901-2125

Sowa Pier Miyagibashi No. 502

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