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Sell processed high quality products

​ Manufacturer in Okinawa



Yoshimiya Co., Ltd.

​Representative Director and President

Shuko Yoshikawa

Our company is located in Naha City, with an office close to the city center. Okinawa has many charms, but I think there are still many foods that people are not familiar with.

​Our company focuses on brown sugar among the many foods of Okinawa, and sells it in our own original packaging from local sugar refineries.

We use raw materials (raw sugar, molasses, brown sugar) made from Okinawa sugar cane to create processed brown sugar with the rich flavor of brown sugar.

Our company strives to provide products that are kind to the body, safe, and safe.

Special thanks

Thank you for your cooperation in our sales

​For each company

Special thanks


The company is in charge of the administrative office of the Regional Resource Utilization Association, a general incorporated association, and the company was introduced at the association.

Since then, the president of the company, Mr. Nishi, has told us about his work as a sales channel development agency.

As a result of this proposal, we have asked you to act as our "salt brown sugar" sales agent, mainly in Tokyo.

After visiting our office in Okinawa and inspecting the site, we ask them to cooperate with us in promoting our products and expanding our sales channels.

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Desire to expand brown sugar sales

Our company is a company that promotes regional revitalization as a business and works to expand sales of local foods both domestically and internationally.

I was introduced to President Yoshikawa at a community resource utilization meeting, and we actually sold the product at our store.

Of course, I've eaten it many times, and it has great sales potential in terms of taste, packaging, and price. Realizing this, we proposed to our company's sales channel, the corporate welfare sales network.

​Currently, we receive about 1,000 orders per month, making it a product with repeat customers. We would like to further expand our sales and do our best in the hope that we can be of some help to President Yoshikawa.

Representative Director and President Ryusuke Nishi

Special thanks

The Regional Resource Utilization Association is an organization that provides local producers with knowledge and experience and allows them to discuss their concerns and consult with them. We have accumulated a track record of sales at brick-and-mortar stores in Tokyo, including selling our products at shops operated by the company. As this is a test market, we would like to hear from our customers, gain confidence in our current products, and through sales, get to know Okinawa even a little bit more about brown sugar, and we hope that they will come as a tourist. I think ​.

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Processed brown sugar for customers

The Omori store is a limited-time store for one year only, and will open in the spring of 2021.

We are currently closed. Although it was sold for a short period of time, there are many customers who repeat the ``salt brown sugar'' and ``ginger brown sugar.''

We have always ensured that we do not run out of items in our product lineup.

Due to the influence of the coronavirus, we were unable to hold tasting activities on a large scale.

We offered samples to customers who wanted them, and many ended up purchasing them. ​People who are health conscious should take one to two tablets every day. Also, sugar is absorbed into the brain faster than glucose. For this reason, some people carry it with them when they study or take a break from work at the office, and people around them ask, ``What are you eating?'' so I introduce them to them. We have also heard such comments. Products that people continue to buy are rare, so when I open a store again, I would like to reach out to them and stock up on products.

Omori Shop Manager

General Incorporated Association Regional Resource Utilization Association

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